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Aug 07 2011

Last week I finished my presentation for i5 in Shanghai. I still have the 40+ page written report, but it’s already finished, it just needs turning in.

The product I’ve been working on with i5 is nothing short of incredible. It’s a new fire suppression technology from Italy that was recently purchased by a local Waco millionaire who wants to introduce it to the huge China market. The name they’ve settled on is FireStryker (classy, I know) and it is an all around perfect replacement for those old clunky fire extinguishers we’ve been using for decades.


FireStryker uses a new chemcial compound that is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and has an unlimited shelf life. It is 1/8th the size and 1/16th the weight of traditional extinguishers, making it about the equivalent of half a roman candle. While traditional extinguishers have emission times of 10-12 seconds, FireStryker’s 3 models last 25, 50, and 100 seconds (That’s a 250-1000% increase for those of you keeping track). It also doesn’t leave residue when used.

FireStryker is SMALL

While all of things are incredible and revolutionary for the fire suppression industry in their own rights, what is coolest about the FireStryker is that it doesn’t require maintenance. The unlimited shelf life means they never need inspection, maintenace, or replacement – contrast that with traditional canisters that require monthly and yearly inspections, maintenace ever 3-5 years, and replacement every 10 years. I don’t know about you, but I can say with confidence that the fire extinguishers in our house have never been inspected, maintenanced, or replaced. That means when mom or dad go to use it, there’s no telling if it will work, and it’s likely that it won’t.

For home users who don’t know or care to inspect, service, and replace their fire extinguishers, FireStryker could be the difference between a burned down house and a minor incident. For schools and businesses who are required by law to undergo service and maintenance on traditional canisters, it means a LOT of saved money over time. FireStryker costs $50-100, which is comparable to mid to upper-range traditional fire extinguishers, even though its emission time is many times longer.

Why hasn’t FireStryker been jumped on? Well, it hasn’t been out for long, but it actually has already made a considerable impact, just not in the USA. BMW Europe now includes FireStryker standard on every single car it sells. Lamborghini has started installing fixed units under the hood that automatically activate in the event of a fire. The Chinese Navy placed a huge order recently to equip its entire fleet. Many other organizations have also expressed interest, and the demand should grow exponentially as soon as the product is certified in the United States (right now it is certified in a dozen or so countries, but not yet the US).

Good enough for this = good enough for your house.

My job was essentially market research for FireStryker in China and then apply analysis and suggest strategies. It was fairly easy to do: “FireStryker is awesome, everyone is going to want one, start making a whole lot and do it yesterday.” I look forward to a decade from now when I can say I got to work on FireStryker before it completely replaced those obsolete cans that are currently occupying our buildings and homes.

Next up – conclusion of my trip, sure to be filled with funny Chengrish, unusual culture, & cute Chinese kids.

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